Turnbull Mill

Location: Galt

Status: Mill ruins now a public park

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Mill Race Park was created at the corner of Park Hill Road and Water Street, from the remains of the old Turnbull Knitting Mill. This mill was built in 1897 on the site of an even earlier mill, known as the Wardlaw Mill, which burned down that year. In 1946 the Turnbull Mill became part of Dobbie Industries. Water still powered the mill into the 1950s, and the business operated into the 1970s.

Mill Race Park was created from the remains of the mill, and incorporates a portion of the Cambridge flood protection dikes, built after a major flood in May of 1974. The park features the picturesque mill remains, as well as the historic mill raceway. Incorporated are scenic river overlooks, pathways, and an open amphitheatre used for the annual Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music and many other outdoor community events. The Grandís Canadian Heritage River designation plaque is also located in the park.