St. Andrew’s Mill

Location: Fergus

Status: Viewing only - converted into condominium building

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: In 1855, Robert Steele built an oatmeal mill and dam on the Grand River in Fergus. This was powered through a waterwheel that continued in operation until 1984. The flour became famous under the “Monkland Mills?trademark and pictured a monk on each bag.

Over the years the mill operated under several names, including St. Andrew’s Mill, Fergus Mill, Walkley Mills, Wilson’s Mill, Monkland Mills and Oatmeal Mill. The mill remained in operation until 1993, and the dam still exists as a local scenic and historic landmark. After being idle for several years, the picturesque stone mill and outbuildings have been converted into condominiums under the name St. Andrew’s Mill.