Goldie Mill Ruins

Location: Guelph

Status: Converted into city park

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: A mill was first established in 1827 on the banks of the Speed River in central Guelph. The name, Goldie Mill, comes from former owner, James Goldie who bought it in 1866. It has operated as a wheat mill, flour mill, tannery, distillery and a warehouse, and it represents Guelph's first industrial stage when mills depended on water power.

The mill was turned over to public ownership when the Grand River Conservation Authority bought it in 1976. It is now a city park, and the ruins were stabilized and gardens and an amphitheatre added. The Trans Canada Trail, leading from the middle of the city along the Speed River to Guelph Lake, runs through the park and the Guelph Youth Music Centre is next door.