Inglis Falls

In Autumn (2008.09.27)

Location: Owen Sound

Type: Cascade

Watercourse: Sydenham River

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Large, pretty, and well developed, Inglis Falls is the highlight waterfall for the Owen Sound area. The falls is about 18 m high, and exhibits a peculiar fan-shaped structure.

Located in the Inglis Falls Conservation Area, Inglis Falls like many falls in one, the Sydenham River cascades over limestone shelves of an 18-metre cliff that is part of the Niagara Escarpment in the southeastern part of Owen Sound. Viewed from any angle, Inglis Falls gives a panorama of rock, water and ruralscapes that are truly spectacular in any season. Remnants of a nineteenth-century gristmill are reminders of the power in this falling water, as used by Peter Inglis.

In Spring (2003.5.17)

View from the gorge