DeCew Falls

Location: St. Catherines

Type: Plunge

Watercourse: Beaver Dam Creek

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Decew Falls plunges 22 metres into a bowl-shaped amphitheatre just behind the restored Morningstar Mill, a nice spot for the whole family to visit.

To get the best view of the waterfall, walk along the trail leading past the waterfall. There is a well worn path to the bottom of Twelve Mile Creek down a slightly less steep section of the gorge wall. Look for a yellow rope tied to a tree to help your descent. At the base of the falls, the man made Tunnel Falls will be to your left. Water drains out of this tunnel that is part of the Decew Hydroelectric Facility. On weekends and holiday Mondays, be sure to tour the museums at the crest of the Upper Falls. There is a great view of the falls from a window in the building.

In Winter

In Autumn

The manmade Tunnel Falls