Alton Mill

Location: Alton

Status: Converted into Galleries and Art Atudios

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: The Alton Mill was established in 1881 as the Beaver Knitting Mill by local industrialist and philanthropist William Algie. His mill was renowned across Canada for the production of fleece-lined long underwear. The mill survived the flood in 1889 with only minor damage. However, it 1908 it was stuck by a devastating fire, which reduced the original mill to two storeys.

Following Willam Algie’s death in 1915, the Beaver Knitting Mill was acquired by the Dods Knitting Company, which also owned Alton’s “Upper Mill?(currently The Millcroft Inn & Spa). The depression and changing textile trends resulted in the closure of the Beaver Knitting Mill in 1932. The mill was converted to manufacture rubber products, including condoms for Canadian servicemen in WWII, balloons for Disney, and remained in operation until 1982. Currently owned by Seaton Group, the mill is in the process of being converted into a regional arts centre with studio and gallery space.