Morningstar Mill

Location: St Catharines

Status: Open to visitors as a Museum

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Originally Named Mountain Mills, the mill was built of local stone in 1872 on the site of a former blacksmith and carpentry shop. Water was diverted from Beaverdams Creek to power the mill. Several millers leased the mill, and in 1883, it was purchased by Wilson Morningstar, after whom it is named. Destroyed by fire in 1895, it was rebuilt and operated until 1933. It then fell into disrepair but has recently been reconstructed and made into a museum.

The Morningstar Mill Park, Interpretive Center, Museum site is made up of a number of buildings: the gristmill, (more familiarly known as Morningstar Mill) the turbine shed, the millers house, the icehouse, sawmill and the barn which houses the blacksmith shop and carpentry shop.